January 9, 2006

Gadget of the Year 2006

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Uh, oh. this is a really cool thing. the Celestron SkyScout seems to be really cool.

as Robert Scooble wrote it must be a genious, really innovative product.

just wanted to buy this at Amazon today, but they ship it only in the USA.
damn, want to have such a gadget…


December 30, 2005

Vista 5270 Control Panel has a bad Usability

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So, its one week since i installed and use windows vista.
since there are many network  problems with the Vista at my home i heavily use the control panel and most of its options, and i wanted to say, that the usability in the completly redesigned Control Panel is far away of acceptable.
okay, there are many nice new features in there, that helps here and there.
but to find an specific feature you have to click nearly over all the subcategories.
also the back buttons, parent folder are not in a logical order. (e.g. network center is not the parent of network list) or there are 4 diffrent places of links. and i have no strict diffrence where wich type of buttons are displayed (the main window, the right green pane, the top pane (there are also diffrent buttons if you highlight an item) and the navigation pane)

a short explanation:
Wlan. we have some props at our wlan connection. so lets list, what actions we could do:

  • change settings of the Wlan card: CP -> hardware -> system -> greenPane Hardware (yes, at the properties of the connection theres also the possibilities to go there, but not allways (sometimes its not present) and if i click there, the window closes after some secs)
  • view infos of the current connection: this is only possible, if the adapter is connected to a network. thru the network name in the network center. 
  • change something in the network properties: also only possible, if you are connected. since the configured networks are not all listed in the “Network list”
  • change the preferred order of connection (to wich to connect first) is in the Networks lost, but to connect to a network is in the Network connections. (and there, only if you click on a whireless connection)

and much, much more. please, microsoft. make that better, sort them better. or make something like a favorites list. now, you must be an expert in computers to use that. no chance for a normal user.

what the heck is google working on?

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so, all of the google emplayees are working so hard….
and they need such a punch of programmers. so what they are making?

i say, they make an online office suite.
they are all so on the ajax technology that they must do something with it.
and what is, where they can hit microsoft very deep in their heart? there office.
and its a really great idea to make such a programm online. store them online right away. have your configured programm with you all the time.

and microsoft knows that good. because the live.com strategy is to avoid that too much customers would leave to google.

December 22, 2005

Xbox 360 got hacked?

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Huh, on this video it seems that they have cracked the xbox and use a copy of an disc for gaming.

they cracked it with an PSP.

but the video is not the best quality. so that could also easy be a fake.

but the show a date, where that should be public. on the 28th of december. lets wait and see, what happens.


theres an hack posted to copy the demo cd’s. so not the real gaming cd’s. but its a step foreward.

December 15, 2005

human Upgrades

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http://www.humanupgrades.com/ is a nice site, if you want a surgery. nice products…..

Windows Vista december CTP is coming

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Now it is clear. the December CTP of Vista is fixed.

it is Build 5270 (5270.winmain_idx03.051212-1830). and would be here for testers on Monday. so for the MSDN Subscribers it should be around thurstday. just right as a Chrismas present.

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