February 8, 2006

Visual studio Servicing site

Posted in .NET, Microsoft at 7:57 pm by evangelista

Ever wanted to have one site, where you can get informations about VS updates. past or upcoming. and when they would be released?

now it is here. the Visual Studio Servicing Site
They have really good information.
just one feature missing: an RSS feed of changes.


thanks to Dan Fernandez for the info


January 18, 2006

WinFX January CTP out. and the WCF nearly complete!

Posted in .NET, beta, Microsoft at 7:27 pm by evangelista

so, big day for the next versions of the Foundations.

The WinFX January CTP is out. get it now.

And the Indigo team makes quite a good job. they are nearly finished.
their site moved to windowscommunication.net. nice site.