March 10, 2006

Google just bought Writely

Posted in google at 1:33 pm by evangelista

Just saw, that Google has aquired Writely.
seems they want to integrate it into their Google Web Office.


December 30, 2005

what the heck is google working on?

Posted in google at 12:34 am by evangelista

so, all of the google emplayees are working so hard….
and they need such a punch of programmers. so what they are making?

i say, they make an online office suite.
they are all so on the ajax technology that they must do something with it.
and what is, where they can hit microsoft very deep in their heart? there office.
and its a really great idea to make such a programm online. store them online right away. have your configured programm with you all the time.

and microsoft knows that good. because the strategy is to avoid that too much customers would leave to google.