March 21, 2006

Run as Fast as you can, to stay at the same Place….

Posted in programming, Uncategorized at 2:59 pm by evangelista

Jeff Atwood has a really nice post on the speed of changes in development technologies.

And i know the feeling, that you are learning and reading really much, but you stay at the same lvl, because the technology is changing too fast.
But beside of the technology, or the current hype there are so much other things outside, that helps you building your software (like coding practises, types, ideas, abstraction,…), and these are not changing. and im far away of knowing all the stuff.
Something like once half a Year i’m spending some time of reviewing all the things i’ve done and learned the past half and looking for things i want to change in this process….
Yes, we’re having a fast changing Job, but also because of that i like it sooo much and theres so much room for improvement, that i’m not really messing about staying at the same place….


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  1. you have an online journal thing!! and I didn’t know about it!!! pumpkin spice latte, that sounds good and I think Mrs. Zinke mentioned it being one of her favorites! my goodness college life sounds so fun…lol.

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