February 27, 2006

Bozo Explosion and their Preventions

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Guy wrote a nice post about the Bozo Explosion at Companies and how to identify and also how to prevent them.
and Scoble has also some good additions to it.

its really hard not to get into this points. its easy to drift into them. even in an small company.
but if you get over them maybe once half a year and think about how to steer against them, i think you dont get into problems…


February 22, 2006

Multi Touch interface study

Posted in UI at 10:08 pm by evangelista

bernie point me to this video.

thats a really cool user interface study. we really should start to think beyond the mouse.

 an theres also an explanation about the project…

February 8, 2006

Visual studio Servicing site

Posted in .NET, Microsoft at 7:57 pm by evangelista

Ever wanted to have one site, where you can get informations about VS updates. past or upcoming. and when they would be released?

now it is here. the Visual Studio Servicing Site
They have really good information.
just one feature missing: an RSS feed of changes.


thanks to Dan Fernandez for the info

February 7, 2006

WIndows Vista 5307

Posted in beta, Microsoft, vista at 8:47 pm by evangelista

Just heared, that the next CTP from vista would be the 5307.
lets hope, that this pass the quality test on time. cant wait to get my hands on it.