January 18, 2006

WinFX January CTP out. and the WCF nearly complete!

Posted in .NET, beta, Microsoft at 7:27 pm by evangelista

so, big day for the next versions of the Foundations.

The WinFX January CTP is out. get it now.

And the Indigo team makes quite a good job. they are nearly finished.
their site moved to windowscommunication.net. nice site.


The best Blond joke ever….

Posted in fun at 11:36 am by evangelista

scooble pointed me to this and its sooo  great 🙂

January 9, 2006

Gadget of the Year 2006

Posted in fun at 5:23 pm by evangelista

Uh, oh. this is a really cool thing. the Celestron SkyScout seems to be really cool.

as Robert Scooble wrote it must be a genious, really innovative product.

just wanted to buy this at Amazon today, but they ship it only in the USA.
damn, want to have such a gadget…